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I specialize in portraiture and lifestyle photography.

I am a photographer, print and web designer with over ten years of experience, encompassing from visual design to web development to creative photography.  I started to work as product photographer and image editor using a tabletop lightbox studio.  I then became a graphic and web designer at various companies.  Now, I am concentrating on my passion for photography to capture people and life’s special moments. I am a very focused individual who can take simple creative direction and turn it into something striking.  Over the past years, I have worked with competitive companies and clients in Minnesota and the Los Angeles area as well as other states and countries.

I am currently living in the beautiful countryside area of Minnesota with my husband and our daughters.  A few times a year, I travel to Los Angeles to visit my family and friends where I spent half of my life.  Together with my husband, we meet and shoot families, children, seniors and individuals ensuring that they always remember the best days of their lives.

I would love to learn more about you and what session you are interested in. If you want more information, send me a message here.

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